Active Isolated Stretching For Lower Back Pain Relief

If you have lower back pain, then you have been told time and again that stretching and exercise is good for your back.  Here is a different form of stretching that you may find is good for you.  Check out the article quoted below and then give us your opinion in the comment form below this post.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).

Developed by kinesilogist (the science of human movement) Aaron Mattes, AIS works with your body’s physiology to stretch what’s tight, and activate what’s dormant. AIS addresses circulator, neuromuscular, and myofasical system in order to provide a complete lengthening of your muscles, without the danger of microtrauma.

If you’re a real fitness geek, look up Sherrington’s Law of reciprocal inhibition and muscle contraction.

There’s more good news; you don’t have to be an anatomy and physiology expert to understand and utilize AIS!

Watch video demonstrations in the full article here

What do you think of this approach to relieving your lower back pain? Are you going to give AIS a try?  I liked the video demos — did you?

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