Back Pain Relief: Back Problems In The Workplace

Do you do physical labor or lots of heavy lifting where you work?  If you do, then you may be at risk of back injury.  Perhaps you have already hurt your back, and are searching for back pain relief by searching many different websites.

The article quoted below is from The Columbia Business Times, and is written by Dr. Ebby G. Vargese.  It opens with some stats about the shocking rise of back pain in the US, gives a quick overview of your back and how it can be injured, and closes with some suggestions.

It is important that you know the employee health policies of your workplace. If your back pain is severe enough, you should seek help immediately. In the first four weeks of the injury, there typically is no need for immediate X-rays or advanced imaging. Work restrictions, non-narcotic pain medication and physical therapy are generally the common pathways of treatment, and 90 percent of back pain will resolve within that time. For low back pain serious enough to prevent any work or physical therapy, injections and sometimes surgery might be necessary.

If imaging is necessary, it is important to realize that depending on how advanced the imaging is, various pain generators may be identified, but keep in mind that not all of these factors are actually causing the pain. Many times I have patients who come in and tell me they have a bulging disc or a pinched nerve because their imaging says so; however, the patient does not describe symptoms consistent with those problems. Care providers are obligated to treat the patient not the imaging, unless the problem identified on imaging is consistent with the patient’s examination findings.

I encourage employers to develop a plan for work injuries. Physicians can be contracted to employers to see workers immediately and start aggressive management. Larger companies typically have an employee health office on site where workers can go to address their injuries. In any situation, the earlier the treatment is employed the better.
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